12 Free Chicken Tractor Plans You Can Build Easily

12 Free Chicken Tractor Plans You Can Build Easily

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Chicken tractors are a very clever way of keeping your chickens happy if you have a yard or a garden. This is because it allows you to move your chickens to a new spot every day.

This steady movement offers your chickens fresh grounds to peck and scratch for food. It also helps you to maintain your garden or field. 

Though you can buy a chicken tractor from the shop, it is much more fun, and often much cheaper, if you can make yours.

I have collected 12 Free Chicken Tractor Plans from across the Internet, and I hope that you can find at least one plan from this list, which suits your purpose.

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Before we continue with the 12 chicken tractor plans, the following issues are considerations that you should make before deciding on a plan to build by yourself.

1. Chi​cken Tractor Size

The size of the mobile chicken coop that you can build depends on a few factors. The first is the size of your yard or garden. With a larger garden, you can build a larger mobile coop, else you'll have to keep it small.

Another factor to consider is the number of chickens that you have. If you have just a few chickens, then your coop can be small, else you will have to build something large enough.

The third factor is the number of materials you have available to you, or that you can afford. You should have a rough estimate of how large a coop you can build with the materials available to you.

2. Doorways Into the Tractor

A door is an important part of any chicken coop tractor plans because it offers many advantages. This includes allowing the chickens to leave the tractor on some days, so they can run around in the garden. 

There are 3 types of doors that you require in a chicken tractor. You need a chicken-sized door in the chicken coop.

Aside from that, one of the chickens could be injured and might need your help. This makes it important that you have a second and larger way of entering the chicken coop, or of reaching inside with your hand.

The third type of door is also important. This time, the door is needed to allow you to collect eggs if your chickens have started laying eggs. It is also better when the laying nests can be opened from the outside.

3. The shelter is a Must!

Any good chicken tractor plan should include a sort of shelter, where the chickens can protect themselves from rain and snow. 

Such a shelter can be easily added using a tarpaulin, or any other material that can be used to create some shade, like plywood, or even a metal roof. 

You should also add a stick or build wooden bars beneath the shelter, which will act as a perch for the chickens.

4. How Mobile Should the Tractor Be?

This decision is entirely up to you. You could build a tractor that is hardly ever moved or one that is very easy to move.

You can easily build a tractor which rests on nothing, or one which rests on skids, making it easier to move around.

You could also build a chicken tractor on wheels, and even add a hitch to it, to make it able to be taken to far away places.

5. Tractor Weight

A good mobile chicken coop should be strong, but it should not be too heavy. This is because it would be difficult to move it around if it is too heavy.

12 Free Chicken Tractor Plans

1. $70 Wooden Chicken Tractor Plan

$70 Wooden Chicken Tractor Plan

This might not be the easiest plan for those learning how to build a chicken tractor, but it does present a very good mobile chicken coop, for three good reasons.

The first reason is that it is built completely from wood, except for the roof and chicken wire. The second reason is that it offers enough space for many chickens.

Thirdly, unlike many partly-open mobile chicken coops, this one has a coop that can be completely closed, and protect your chickens during bad weather.

It cost $70 to make, and took 2 weeks, although the builder did not work every day. With more focus, you can get this mobile chicken coop built is less than a week.

2. The Odd DIY Chicken Tractor

The Odd DIY Chicken Tractor

This one is a rather odd-looking mobile chicken coop, though it works. It is built from wood, and covered with chicken wire, to provide enough light and air.

Unlike many other types of mobile chicken coops, this coop's nesting box is not on ground level. The chickens need a ladder to get down into the run.

This design cost about $150 and nearly a month to build, although you could build it in about a week or less if you spend more time on it.

Using gutters that had been ripped out from a building, you could add skids to the design, making it much easier to push around. 

This chicken tractor measures 4 x 6 x 4 feet, with the coop being just 4 x 2 x 2 feet.

3. Super Cool DIY Chicken Tractor

Super Cool DIY Chicken Tractor

This free chicken tractor plan uses wood for its base, and PVC pipes to make arches on top. The PVC used is schedule 40 electrical conduit, because it is cheap and also lightweight.

The wood is a 2x3, and you just drill holes into it, then attach the PVC pipes. You then bend the pipes and attach to the other piece of wood.

At this point, it is better to cover the mobile chicken coop with welded wire, instead of chicken wire. The top of one side is then covered with a tarp, and a large door added to the other side.

Further down in this chicken tractor plan, a newer design is shown with wheels and a nesting box. This newer tractor was built by the neighbors of the original tractor's builders.

The wheels make the chicken tractor easier to move, while the added nesting box makes it easy to collect the eggs. It is also longer than the original.

This chicken tractor plan cost $165 in total, which includes about $40 for exterior enamel paint, $19 for poultry netting and $37 for welded-wire.

4. Very Large Chicken Tractor Plan

Very Large Chicken Tractor Plan

This chicken tractor is quite large. It is made up of a large coop on wheels, and an even larger run, which is also on wheels. Both items can be moved around using a tractor.

The coop has 6 nesting boxes, and they can be opened from the outside. It also has windows on the front and on one side, to provide light for the coop. 

Using hardware cloth, the builder connected the coop to the run, in what he calls 'the chicken run-way'.

This chicken coop guide includes all the materials that were used to build it. The coop is 4x6 feet large and has a 2x6 feet porch. It was built using 2x4's, 2x3', 1x2's, a metal roof sheet and paint.

The coop also includes 4 wheels and windows, which all add together to increase costs. This is one project you should budget enough money for.

5. $200 DIY Chicken Tractor Plan

$200 DIY Chicken Tractor Plan

This mobile chicken coop will cost you just $200 or less to build and is perfect for a flock of 12 chickens or less. It is built using wood, metal for the roof and plastic boxes for the laying nest.

If you want to know how to make a chicken tractor that makes sense, then this guide will teach you everything you need to know. 

Just build a big box, cover one side with a roof and use hardware cloth to cover the rest of the tractor. If you would love some eggs, then also add nesting boxes.

The guide is very detailed and lists all the parts and the tools that you will need, including a measuring tape, pencil, cordless drill, hammer, and saws.

Each step of the design is captured in a photo, and describes in detail, what you have to do for the best results.

The guide contains 65 steps and it also contains plans that you can print out on paper.

6. Made From Scraps DIY Chicken Tractor

Made From Scraps DIY Chicken Tractor

This one looks a bit like an a-frame chicken tractor, and a bit cranky. It does not have any real shape, but it has lots of space. 

The base is built using 4 pieces of 8-feet long 2x4s, and another smaller square was built for the top, and everything joined together with more wood.

4-feet wide fence wire was then used to cover the whole design, leaving only one side open, where a door will be built in.

Since most of the parts used in this mobile chicken coop were scraps, the total cost of building it was just $20, and the building took just six hours.

You can also use a tarpaulin to cover the other end of the design opposite the door to make it complete. This tractor will be difficult to move, so you should add wheels or skids to it.

7. The Cut & Paste DIY Chicken Tractor

The Cut & Paste DIY Chicken Tractor

This easy chicken tractor plan looks quite different from the rest, and it is very light as well. Made from PVC and plastic chicken wire only, it is also very easy to carry around.

The entire chicken tractor plan cost about $80 and does not need a hammer or nail to build. You will need a saw, sandpaper, and PVC gum though.

One good thing about this plan is that you can easily extend it by 1 meter in any direction since each of the sides is a 1-meter square built from PVC and wire only.

One down-side is that the nesting boxes are not part of the PVC frame, which means that moving the chicken coop could be difficult at times

8. Lightweight & Mobile PVC Chicken Tractor

Lightweight & Mobile PVC Chicken Tractor

This plan is contained in a PDF document and is very lightweight because it is made from PVC pipes and chicken wire. It includes a roof and wheel, plus a string in front, to pull it along.

This one is not a simple chicken tractor plan. The truth is that it can be difficult to build because there are just too many parts.

Though it contains detailed drawings of all the needed parts and the process to build it, it can still be very difficult to put together. 

It includes a coop and a nesting area, which is covered using a metal sheet. There is also a door to reach inside, and the entire tractor is covered with chicken wire. 

This chicken coop tractor plan is a great design, though it is hard to say how long a PVC design like this can last.

9. $50 DIY Chicken Tractor Plan

$50 DIY Chicken Tractor Plan

Being 8 feet long and almost 4 feet wide, this chicken tractor plan offers you a simple and easy to build task that can cost as little as $50.

If you build it using recycled wood, you will only need to purchase about a 25-foot roll of chicken wire and some screws or nails.

The design is simply to copy and quite strong too. The chickens have to climb a ladder to reach the coop with nesting boxes, while under the coop is also free for them to run around.

This design will hold 3 to 6 large hens, or about 9 smaller ones. The guide is detailed, includes lots of pictures, and can be printed out on paper.

10. A-Frame Chicken Tractor Plan

A-Frame Chicken Tractor Plan

Here we have an a-frame chicken tractor design, which is a very simple tractor, yet its design and build both make it a very strong and long-lasting.

The guide is very well made, and it lists the building process using very easy to follow steps. Each of the steps also shows a picture of what to do and how to do it well.

The builder is a lovely young woman, who knows how to handle tools well. Each of the pictures is also very clear, making sure that you cannot miss any detail.

You could easily build this mobile chicken coop using scrap wood. The only things you will need to buy are the hardware cloth and the fasteners.

It is also possible to make this tractor bigger or smaller, according to your needs. This one does not have nesting boxes, but you can also add some if you desire.

11. Heavy-Duty DIY Free Chicken Tractor Plan

Heavy-Duty DIY Free Chicken Tractor Plan

This DIY mobile chicken coop is very down to earth, yet it is strongly built, and can also be built in a larger or in a smaller version.

The builder credits Joel, the author of a chicken raising book, for the design. It is 6.5 x 12 feet in size and is intended for 40 meat chickens. 

This tractor is built using 2x4's all through, which makes it very strong. It includes a fixed metal roof on one side and a removable roof on the other side.

Adding removable mower wheels makes this mobile coop easy to carry around, and if you treat the wood, you can make this design last for a very long time.

12. Wooden DIY Chicken Tractor Plan

Wooden DIY Chicken Tractor Plan

This last plan is made from wood, and it includes both a coop and a run. Inside the coop can be arranged as you like with a choice of different types of nesting boxes.

It measures 24 inches in height, 48 inches in width, and it is 96 inches long. The guide includes very colorful images and detailed explanations of how to build this tractor plan successfully.

The run is twice as large as the coop and includes a door, while the coop also includes a side door for collecting the eggs.

An exact price is not available, but if you can build this plan from wood which is lying around, then you will only need to buy chicken wire for about $50, or less.

One nice thing about this DIY chicken tractor plan is that the plan is also available in the form of a picture book, which can be printed out.

In ending this list of 12 wonderful and free DIY chicken tractor plans, I would love to hear from you and to know which plan you are working on.

Also feel free to share, pin and comment on this post.