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12 Easy DIY Hydroponic Systems You Can Build Right Now

What comes to your mind when you hear about growing plants without soil? Yeah, I know the idea looks too futuristic or almost impossible but it is definitely not. With a simple DIY hydroponic garden, you can cultivate almost anything including fresh fruits and vegetables without soil. There are plenty of hydroponic garden projects to try out. […]

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44 Easy DIY Cold Frame Plans for Year-Round Gardening

Cold frames are a great way of producing homegrown and nutritious foods outside of the normal growing seasons. They provide for heavy harvests without needing insane investments.While mini-greenhouses can work to shelter seedlings prior to their planting in spring, cold frames actually keep plants alive through the cold winter season.A commercial cold frame is a […]

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9 Simple DIY Grow Boxes That Work Efficiently

Grow boxes are a good way of growing plants and flowers. They provide an isolated environment which in which one can better control growing factors and elements as well as significantly reduce the potential problems that may arise. While there are commercial grow boxes you can purchase, you will have to part with hundreds of dollars […]

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11 Simple DIY Drip Irrigation Systems You Can Install Your Own

A drip irrigation system is imperative to ensure your plants remain green and remain healthy all year round. They can, however, be costly. But a DIY drip irrigation system is bound to save you money and time and will still grow healthy plants in your garden. Automatic watering systems are preferred as they will deliver water to […]

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54 Free DIY Raised Garden Bed Plans to Build on Weekend

Raised garden beds remove the stress and strain out of gardening. Maybe it’s time that you get your hands dirty by building one.There are many designs out there that will give you some few tricks on how to build one.Though not all-inclusive, we have some pretty cool DIY raised garden bed plans you might want […]

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16 Cool DIY Compost Tumbler Designs & Tuitorials

There is one thing that most gardeners, if not all, will agree upon – compost is a must have. It is said to be one of the best soil conditioner as well as an enricher. Compost works to fertilize the soil add valuable humus and aerate the soil. What most gardeners love most is perhaps the […]

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38 Easiest DIY Compost Bins You Can Build In One Day

Truth be told, constructed compost bins make beautiful and attractive additions to any garden while at the same time containing all composting operations you may have going on. Good thing, there are numerous compost bin designs online. However, while all the available plans are unique and different, they do share some similarities, in their role they […]

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28 Creative DIY Garden Containers You Can Grow Your Own

It is high time that you get creative with your garden. Turn your backyard landscape into an all-natural screensaver that will refresh the mind in just one simple blink.  Little by little, purpose to transform your garden with the DIY container garden projects I have compiled and listed for you. Yes, it is up to you […]

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25 Simple DIY Plant Stands You Can Actually Build Yourself

Needless to say, indoor plants offer many benefits. And just for homes but for offices and a myriad of other spaces as well.  While by themselves are beautiful to gaze upon, the way in which you display them also makes a huge difference and impact your décor significantly. That said, in this article, we shall have a […]

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