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12 Simple Homemade Incubators for Chicken Eggs

​For any chicken farmer, hatching eggs is the only rewarding offer there is to ease the trouble and hassles of raising chicken. Sure, raising backyard chicken can prove to be a fun activity, but it does require some significant amount of attention. Additionally, hatching eggs can only be efficiently done with the use of homemade or […]

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14 Free DIY Duck House / Coop Plans & Ideas

Have you discovered how rewarding it is to raise quacking ducks? I assure you it’s an amazing experience, but first, you need a duck house. Ducks and chickens share a lot in common but they do have their differences. There is not much of a difference between a duck house and a chicken coop though, but […]

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18 Creative DIY Squirrel Feeder Plans From Simple Materials

If you enjoy the antics of the squirrels that frequent your backyard or just want something to attract them to your yard a squirrel feeder can be very helpful. While it is always possible to order one online, the designs that you get are not very awe-inspiring and can also be quite pricey. It is still possible […]

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12 Creative DIY Chicken Waterers That Really Works

If you already have a chicken coop, you will need a chicken waterer as well. Now we all know how expensive the retail versions can be so I will not even get into that. In this article we shall have a look at some DIY homemade chicken waterers. The DIY projects listed are easy and straightforward. […]

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29 Free DIY Nesting Box Plans Your Chickens Love

The number one reason why people should have nesting boxes is to ensure that the hens remain comfortable and happy as they lay their eggs. But chickens are not the only birds that need nesting boxes.  A nesting box needs to be clean and clean and provide ample privacy and comfort. A properly built nest will […]

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15 Simple DIY Chicken Brooder Plans That Baby Chicks Love

Before brooders were designed, chicks were left to hatch under the mother hen and would remain beneath her for warmth. But things have changed and evolved over the years.  Most poultry farmers have decided to use brooders to raise their chicks since the broody hens at times prove slightly difficult to find. In the first few […]

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