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50 Creative DIY PVC Projects Anyone Can Make

PVC pipe is among the most common synthetic plastic polymers. It is one of those ordinary construction materials that are easy to work with and also readily available. If you have some PVC pipes in the garage or workshop, they can be the perfect material for DIY projects, and there are countless things you can use […]

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18 Gorgeous DIY Fireplace Mantels to Decorate Your Home

A fireplace isn’t complete without a mantel surround. There’s nothing more satisfying than building a mantel yourself. There is a lot of plans to help you in your DIY fireplace mantel project. From stone, wood, to hand-carved mantels, you can’t miss something that matches your style and home decor. In this article, I’m going to share fireplace […]

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20 Easy DIY Pipe Shelves – Ideas & Plans

We all know the many benefits that come with pipe shelves. But have you ever stopped to reflect on the value that comes with DIY pipe shelves? Well, here’s the deal. Homemade pipe shelves present a cheaper option compared to fully made units. Even more importantly the process of making these shelves is fun and full of […]

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21 Cool DIY Sofas and Couches for Indoors and Outdoors

Budget limitations do not mean that you have to settle for less than a spectacular living room. With some inexpensive materials or by repurposing what you already have you can make almost anything for your living room including sofas and couches. A sofa or couch is the highlight of any living room, and you should never settle […]

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28 Creative DIY Tower Gardens to Make Your Own

If you love gardening but are tight on space, then vertical gardening might be the solution for you. With a DIY tower garden, you get to maximize the little space you have and still enjoy what you do. There are many different ways and styles to build a vertical garden tower, and many DIY folks have […]

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